How to register/sign in for knowlege center?

How to register for an account or sign in into an existing account to access knowledge center articles.

How to access the Knowledge Center?

On the Fidectus website (,
  1. Hover your cursor over the "Support" tab to view all the drop-down options and then click on Knowledge Center.


How to sign in?

  1. Click on the "Sign in" on the top right side of the page and you will be redirected to the sign in page


Once you are in the "Sign in" page, enter your email and password if you already have an account for the Knowledge Base articles*.


How to register?

If you don't already have an account for Knowledge base, then click on the "Register here" button


You will be redirected to a form you can fill out. Fill out your email and password and click save password.


You will receive a verification email, after filling the form out. 

Go to your email inbox and verify your email. Once you have successfully completed the verification, you can log into the knowledge center.


*The password for the customer portal is different to the password for knowledge base, although the emails are still the same. If you do not have one for Knowledge Base, then you need to register.